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Monumental Masons Tonypandy

Established since 1920, David L Evans & Son are highly skilled in monumental masons in Tonypandy and offer a range of bespoke memorials for cemeteries, churchyards and crematoriums. We provide a personal experience and our caring team can help you choose a fitting tribute for your loved one. As well as handcrafting beautiful memorials and headstones, we also provide headstone renovation and cleaning services. To arrange a meeting with our monumental masons in Tonypandy or to find out more about what we do, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Memorial masonry

We handcraft stone memorials in our on-site workshop using a mix of both modern and traditional masonry methods. If you wish to honour your loved one with a permanent memorial, our craftsmen can create a range of designs that can be personalised such as:


Headstones serve as lasting memorials and we can craft them from a range of materials including granite, marble, sandstone and limestone. We have a selection of designs to choose from. If you want something bespoke, we can work with you to create a unique piece of memorial masonry.

We provide handcrafted bespoke designs so you can personalise your memorial. Choose from floral carvings, birds, religious imagery, angels, cartoons and much more. These can be coloured or plain, depending on your preferences. Just speak to us about your ideas and we can advise on bespoke requests.

Inscriptions can be carved in the typeface you desire. These can be plain, white, black, or in gold leaf gilding.

Our team can provide advice on monumental memorials. Churchyards have stricter requirements compared to council cemeteries, so some design aspects are not permitted in a churchyard. We can advise on what is and isn’t allowed.

Headstone cleaning

Our headstone cleaning service will refresh your memorial and in some cases, we can make it look new again, depending on the age. We use time tested techniques to clean memorials to remove organic matter and debris.

Headstone restoration services

Headstones can deteriorate over the years. This can simply be due to ageing however, sometimes they can become damaged. We provide professional headstone restoration services to renovate monumental masonry back to its former glory. As well as being able to restore granite, limestone, sandstone and marble, we can also restore lettering, vases and any other accessories.

Call Gareth Evans & Son for memorial masons

If you need monumental masonry in Tonypandy, then please contact us for advice or to arrange an appointment.

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