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Who to Inform When Someone Dies

Knowing who to inform when someone dies is useful, therefore, we have put together a list of people to contact following a death. These include professional, personal and financial contacts. The government provides a Tell Us Once service which is extremely helpful as you can notify multiple governmental departments at once, such as HMRC, DWP, the Passport Office and the DVLA. If you need any further help about who to inform, then please do not hesitate to contact us.

Who to tell following a death

The list below includes a number of people and organisations to contact following a death. Please be aware that this is not an exhaustive list and there may be organisations and people you may need to contact that are not featured below.

Planning ahead

It is wise to plan ahead and organise a folder of contacts that need to be informed in the event of your death. This is advised whether you are fit and healthy or not, as no one truly knows when the time will come. Being organised will help the person that is in charge of settling your affairs when you pass away. Note that you should not detail any particularly sensitive information such as pin numbers and bank details to protect your personal security. Any organisation they contact should be able to find details when you provide the name, date of birth and address.

Call David L Evans & Son for support when a loved one dies

If you need further help or advice about who to inform when someone dies, then please contact us. Our team are caring and experienced in helping people through bereavement and are here to support you in your time of need.

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