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Wicker Coffins

Wicker coffins provide a beautiful, environmentally friendly option for all types of funeral services. Choose from expertly handcrafted willow, banana leaf, pandanus and bamboo designs. Each style is available in a selection of designs including traditional, casket and round ended. Woven around a cane structure, these eco-friendly options are strong and contain no plastic, screws or nails. As a result, they are completely biodegradable. For further information about our wicker coffins in Tonypandy or help choosing a coffin, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Willow wicker coffins

Our willow wicker coffins come from a leading UK supplier and are handcrafted using traditional methods with the willow being sourced from sustainable supplies. These coffins come in a wide range of designs and colours from natural tones to colourful styles or a combination of both.


Traditional wicker coffins are shaped with the sides tapering from the foot and head to the shoulders. They are plaited around the edge of the lid and have a contrasting woven strip. These can be ordered in a range of colours from natural willow to neutral tones, rustic shades and bright vibrant colours.

Wicker caskets

Wicker caskets are rectangular in shape and include coloured rattan work to enhance their appearance in ebony or cerise. The lids are curved, and the casket includes long handles on both sides.

Round ended

Round ended styles offer an alternative yet appealing design. This option is available in neutral, rustic and colourful tones.

Choice of fittings

Each design is fully lined in biodegradable fabric and is available with a choice of woven handles and rattan designs.

Are wicker coffins suitable for eco funerals?

Yes. All our woven coffins and caskets are made from natural materials. They do not include any plastic, screws or nails, therefore they are 100% biodegradable, making them perfect for eco funerals.

Do they come in a range of sizes?

Yes. Each design is available in both adult and children’s sizes.

Make an enquiry about our wicker coffins

If you would like further information on our wicker coffin range in Tonypandy, then please do not hesitate to contact us.

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