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Funeral Plans Tonypandy

We offer a range of tailored funeral plans in Tonypandy to suit all budgets and individual requirements. Our plans are provided by Golden Charter and guarantee our specific funeral director services. A pre-paid funeral plan provides the opportunity for you to plan your own funeral according to your wishes. Many people find this reassuring knowing it will take the burden of funeral planning and associated costs away from their loved one’s when they pass away. To find out more about our plans or to arrange an appointment to discuss the options, please contact us.

Golden Charter funeral plans

Golden Charter is a leading provider of pre-paid plans. When you purchase a plan, the payments made against it are held safely in the Golden Charter Trust. When you pass away the funds are then released to cover the cost of your funeral. We offer a comprehensive selection of Golden Charter funeral plans for the local communities of Tonypandy, Rhondda and Glamorgan. What’s more, there is an option to suit all needs and financial circumstances. So, if you simply want a small ceremony or prefer to arrange a grand affair, we have an option to suit your personal preferences.

Why should I pay for my funeral in advance?

Paying for your funeral in advance offers many benefits, not only for you but for your family too.

Guarantee our funeral director services

When you purchase a plan through us, rather than a third party, it will guarantee our funeral director services. As a result, you know that your wishes will be documented in fine detail and that we will take care of every aspect according to your individual requests.

This all depends on the level of service you require. For simple ceremonies, some of our pre-paid plans could start from less than £20 per month, however, if you want a more exclusive send-off, the price will reflect this. Simply decide how much you want to spend and we will tailor a package to reflect your needs.

You have the option to pay in advance in one lump sum or if you prefer, we can spread the costs into easy monthly payments. For more information about the payment options, please contact us.

Yes, any UK resident can apply, regardless of age or health status. However, if you wish to pay by low-cost month instalments, then you must be 78 or under upon application.

No, you will not need to complete a medical questionnaire.

When the time comes, your family simply need to call us and quote your plan number. We will then take care of all the details according to your wishes.

Speak to us about funeral plans

For further information or to arrange an appointment to discuss our funeral plans in Tonypandy, please do not hesitate to get in touch. Our team can advise on all aspects and we will never pressure you into purchasing a plan.

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